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Foods to put in the pantry

Watch the FOX17 Medical Moment segment “Foods to put in the pantry.”

5 Simple Steps to Give your Pantry a Healthy Makeover

A well-stocked pantry is key to a healthy diet. But it’s hard to know just where to begin. Here are a few simple steps to get started.

5 Game Day Recipes!

Gameday snacking can be a major fumble for your fitness goals, so skip the sliders, nachos, wings, and try one of these delicious, healthy alternatives instead.

5 Behaviors Key to Your Long-term Health

Currently one of two adults in the United States suffers from at least one chronic health condition such as obesity, heart disease or diabetes.

STR!VE for a Healthier Life

If you’re looking for a true wellness partner, there’s a fairly new primary care service that’s just for you.

The Healthy Way to Detox

I’m often asked about detoxes or cleanses, and whether they are a safe and effective way to eliminate toxins and lose weight.

12 Foods That Heal Broken Bones

Get back in action sooner after a fracture: Eat a diet rich in these foods to make sure your bones knit strong, fast, and firm.

Is sparkling water as good for you as regular water? West Michigan health experts weigh-in

Dentists and doctors agree that pop is not healthy whether it’s diet or regular.

Spectrum Health targets employers in growing Strive membership program

Spectrum Health wants to grow its downtown primary care practice by appealing directly to employers.

Success with STR!VE

Sarah was looking for more than just an annual visit. She was looking for a partner in health.