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A life-saving stroll

Chest pain prompted Jorge Gonzalez to visit a wellness office just down the street. Moments later, he found himself headed to surgery.

It’s all about the gut

Gut health has become a prominent focus in 21st century health care.

Foods to put in the pantry

Watch the FOX17 Medical Moment segment “Foods to put in the pantry.”

STR!VE for a Healthier Life

If you’re looking for a true wellness partner, there’s a fairly new primary care service that’s just for you.

12 Foods That Heal Broken Bones

Get back in action sooner after a fracture: Eat a diet rich in these foods to make sure your bones knit strong, fast, and firm.

Is sparkling water as good for you as regular water? West Michigan health experts weigh-in

Dentists and doctors agree that pop is not healthy whether it’s diet or regular.

Spectrum Health targets employers in growing Strive membership program

Spectrum Health wants to grow its downtown primary care practice by appealing directly to employers.

STR!VING for a healthy, balanced life

Grand Valley State University professor Sarah King doesn’t take a Band-Aid approach to life.

STR!VE Celebrates One Year

Watch the video from Fox 17 here.

Spectrum’s STR!VE wellness program already has 1,000+ members

A West Michigan hospital is celebrating a major milestone. It’s been one year since Spectrum Health launched it’s STR!VE program which now has 1,000 members and growing.