Member Stories - STR!VE

Inspiring stories of renewed health and wellness from our STR!VE members.


He had high blood pressure and a family history of heart disease. He wanted a long-term solution without medications. Watch this news clip highlighting Aaron’s story.


Stress and lack of sleep were affecting her health. She wanted help developing daily habits to improve her lasting wellness. See how she found the right path here.

Sarah F

Abnormal labs were her wake-up call. Bow she’s running regularly, has lost 50 lbs, and her labs are back on track. Watch this news clip with Sarah and her STR!VE provider.


He hadn’t had a physical in years. Now he’s lost 90 lbs and is on a journey to living his way. Read Mike’s full story here or watch this video.

Sarah K

She suffered from chronic pain and illness. Lifestyle medicine and a food-first approach was the answer she was looking for. Read Sarah’s full story here or watch this video.