At STR!VE, we want to get to know you as a patient and a person, and assess all aspects that impact your health, including your health history, nutrition, behaviors—even your genetics. The result? A whole-body preventative approach to long-term wellness.

PersonalizedPersonalized Wellness

STR!VE’s membership model allows us to schedule extended appointment times for a more personalized approach to care. We dig deep into your health history, lifestyle and goals to develop an individualized plan that’s unique to you. As your PCP or as supplemental care, we are dedicated to partnering with you wherever you are on your health and wellness journey.

PreventativePreventative Approach

STR!VE providers take a 360 degree integrative look at your whole health—addressing the underlying cause of disease with strategies in nutrition, exercise and stress management. Our goal is to make meaningful lifestyle changes that will optimize your long-term wellness.

ConvenienceCustomer-focused convenience

From our relaxing lobby to our high-tech, high-touch patient consultation rooms, STR!VE is focused on the member experience. We’re conveniently located in the center of downtown Grand Rapids—just a short walk if you live or work downtown, or we’ll validate your parking at a nearby lot. Members can walk-in for labs or immunizations, and schedule appointments the same – or next-day. Extended weekday hours from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. allow for appointments before or after the workday.

Ongoing Education

STR!VE partners with wellness experts to tailor your wellness plan and provide you with resources for the mind, body and soul. We offer a calendar of member events with demos, screenings, nutritional planning and health talks hosted by partners and specialists.

Upcoming Events

Membership Fee

For $159, your annual membership fee helps offset the cost of services that are above and beyond what is typically available at medical practices in Michigan and not covered by health insurance plans. Group rates are available for employers. Just like other doctor’s offices, we will bill your health insurance plan, and you cover your copayment or coinsurance and your deductible. The amount you owe will depend on the services and your health insurance plan. Primary care, 24/7 virtual and telemedicine, and other services covered by your health insurance plan are not included in the membership fee.

The term “partner” is used to describe organizations that offer and provide goods and services that promote health, fitness and well-being. These organizations are not legal partners of or with STR!VE, Spectrum Health or its affiliates. STR!VE, Spectrum Health or its affiliates do not receive any compensation from STR!VE partners nor do they receive any share of the revenue generated from the goods and services they provide.

Live Healthy. Be Well.

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“Since starting my care at STR!VE, I have lost 30 pounds, work out daily and feel supported by my STR!VE provider to meet the goals I have set. The Be Well Series has been a huge help because I learn that eating healthy and meal prepping isn’t as hard as I thought, especially with the right tools.”

Jane B.