General Questions

STR!VE is a new concept powered by Spectrum Health—a place that makes it easy to be healthy and live well. STR!VE members collaborate with Spectrum Health Medical Group providers to develop individualized primary care and wellness plans. Members also have access to a core of local organizations dedicated to their health and wellness.

$159 a year. Employer group rates are available.

The membership fee covers services above and beyond the services typically available at medical practices in Michigan, and these services are not covered by health insurance plans. Primary care, 24/7 virtual and telemedicine, and other services covered by your health insurance plan are not included in the membership fee. Just like other doctor’s offices, we will bill your health insurance plan, and you cover your copayment or coinsurance and your deductible. The amount you owe will depend on the services and your health insurance plan. STR!VE does not receive any compensation from its community partners.

STR!VE accepts most major insurance plans. We recommend you check with your insurance provider before you visit STR!VE.

STR!VE is diligently vetting options to bring members a core group of partnerships at the local, regional and national levels. Partners may offer discounts on products or services, demonstrations, classes—the offering will vary. As soon as we solidify our partner offerings, you’ll be the first to know.

Members have access to the area’s largest integrated health system, Spectrum Health. That means they’re connected to expert care through a doctor’s office, in a hospital, at home or through community outreach.

Business Members

STR!VE does offer discounts to enroll a group of employees or your entire organization at once. We offer a reduced rate for 50 or 100 employee members or more.

We continue to explore opportunities to make STR!VE the most convenient experience possible for our members. Today, we only offer 1-year memberships.

As an employer you can cover a percentage of membership costs and the balance can be paid by the employee. Let’s find a time to walk you through the process. Contact us.

Absolutely! We offer memberships for individuals as well as organizations. Your employees can visit us at strive4u.org to find out more, complete their registration and purchase their membership online.

No, STR!VE memberships do not include any specific insurance discounts.

If your organization purchases a certain number of memberships, you are free to distribute those to whom you would like within your company. Once that employee registers with STR!VE, that membership record is attached to that individual and cannot be transferred.

Your organization’s membership goes live after the employer agreement has been signed. We will distribute a corporate code for you to distribute to the appropriate employees in your company. Their membership will be live for 1 year retroactive to the date of signing the employer agreement.

Each individual needs to complete the registration process to build his or her own patient profile in our medical system. Registration enables them to immediately schedule an appointment and take advantage of their membership. The process is easy and shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. For privacy reasons, we request each individual to complete their own registration process.

Most services will be offered on-site at STR!VE, which is conveniently located at the Waters Center in downtown Grand Rapids. If your company is interested in opportunities such as an on-site flu clinic or a lunch and learn led by one of our clinical experts, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss.

Absolutely! We will create an annual report to let you know more about utilization from your employees over the course of the year. Due to patient privacy regulations, we cannot go into detail about specific medical utilization, but can provide broader context to show you the value received in aggregate for your organization. Upon request, we will set up a meeting to go over this information with you in more detail.